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Providing marketing solutions along with coaching and training for your management teams and sales associates with proven and effective sales strategies to maximize profit

At wedge inc we not only work to deliver the perfect marketing strategies for your business, we also work directly with your management team and sales associates to make sure you are maximizing your profits. often times a company points directly at marketing as a reason why sales is faltering, when in fact most often its a mediocre manager or a lackluster sales team, or both! with over 25 years experience training, coaching and structuring sales floors for maximum results we are very confident that we can help you to achieve a more productive and therefore more profitable sales team. 

Our Services

  • Marketing strategies
  • Sales training
  • Management coaching
  • Scripting
  • Sales strategies
  • Closing techniques 
(949) 981-2597
1041 West 18th St A203

Costa Mesa CA 92627